Spatial searching

In the map options, you can activate and configure the address search bar, based on external web services (nominatim, google or french IGN). See Map options . Additionally, you can add spatial searching capability to Lizmap. This means you will allow the users to search within spatial data, such as countries, points of interests, etc. You have two ways to add searching capability in Lizmap:

  • For QGIS 2 and QGIS 3, you can create a table or view lizmap_search in your PostgreSQL database to store the search data for all your Lizmap projects.

  • For QGIS 2 only, you can use the plugin QuickFinder to configure a data search per QGIS project.

QuickFinder Plugin


This is for QGIS 2 only. This plugin has not been ported to QGIS 3.

The purpose of this plugin is to provide fast searching among big datasets, searching in a qtfs file generated by QGIS Desktop.


  • You must have install at least the 7.x version of PHP in your Lizmap server.


Inside QGIS:

  • install QuickFinder Plugin, for QGIS 2 only

  • choose a layer(s), define the fields to search among, pick the geometry storage format (WKT or Extent) and store Full Text Searchs (FTS) vector into a file database (.qfts). The filename must be identical to the QGIS project filename. Ex: myproject.qfts for a QGIS project stored as myproject.qgs.


Only WKT or Extent formats for geometry storage are working, since binary format (WKB) can not be decoded by LWC.

Inside LWC:

  • put the database file beside the QGIS project, use the Search tool (input) and zoom to the chosen feature.