Project properties

These settings are in Project ‣ Project properties or CTRL+SHIFT+P.

QGIS Server

Project ‣ Project properties ‣ QGIS Server

Services Capabilities

In Service capabilities, you can setup some metadata about your project:

  • Title, the main title which will be displayed in the landing page. Use a human title with space and accents.

  • Abstract, a fully written paragraph for the description. HTML is supported.

  • Keywords, some keywords separated by a comma. This will be used by the search bar.

  • Etc


  • The extent will be used to set the maximum extent where the user can pan the map on Lizmap

  • Add geometry to feature info response to be able to show the geometry when displaying the popup or to use the geometry in an expression in the QGIS maptip.


Lizmap Web Client uses the Web Feature Service (WFS) to get data from a QGIS vector layer and display it in the web interface. This is why the first thing to do whenever you want to show a layer data in the web client is to publish the vector layer through the WFS.

  1. Open the Project properties ‣ QGIS Server ‣ WFS/OAPI

  2. For a given layer:
    1. Use the checkbox Published

    2. If your layer is in meters, decrease the number of decimals, to reduce the size of data to be fetched from WFS. Two decimals might be enough if your layer is in meters.

  3. Save the project