QGIS Expression

As in QGIS Desktop, Lizmap can use QGIS expression .

Project level

At the project level, Lizmap will set two variables in QGIS Server:

  • @lizmap_user : string, the current user connected in Lizmap. It might be empty.

  • @lizmap_user_groups : array, the current user groups as a list. It might be empty.


It’s possible use these variables in a symbology for instance, to set a different color for a given user, or to print the current Lizmap user in a layout.

Advanced forms

For editing, it’s possible to use expressions for constraints, default value, group visibility. Read Advanced form.


It’s possible to use expressions in layouts, for dates, path of a Lizmap media.

In a layout, the expression map_credits or more complex expressions are useful.