Install and upgrade the Lizmap plugin

The Lizmap plugin is available through the official QGIS repository.

Install it with the QGIS plugin manager:

  1. Menu ‣ Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins

  2. Search Lizmap

  3. Click on the plugin

  4. Click on the button Install

  5. It’s available in the menu and toolbar Web

  6. Click the Lizmap The Lizmap logo button

  7. Follow the wizard for adding your first server


Lizmap QGIS plugin is regularly updated. To enjoy new features or before reporting a bug, be sure to update your plugin. In Menu ‣ Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins ‣ Settings, check that QGIS will check for updates on a regular basis automatically.

And then, you must do the upgrade yourself when QGIS is noticing you. You should visit the plugin manager from time to time.


Do not install the plugin called Lizmap server on your QGIS desktop. It’s only used on a server.

Lizmap plugin installation in the QGIS plugin manager