Adding your own JavaScript


Adding some JavaScript (JS) is useful for a variety of advanced usage. For instance, you can:

  • hide some UI elements that you don’t want to display by default
  • add a custom button in the UI
  • add a popup when the project is opened (to display funders, credits…)
  • avoid people being able to download elements of the page by right clicking on them, and of course much more.


  • This function needs to be activated by the administrator of the Lizmap instance.
  • The media directory. Read how to use Media folder in Lizmap.

Configuring the tool

  • In your repository (e.g. /home/data/repo1/myproject.qgs), you should have these directories:

    |-- js
      |-- myproject
      |-- default
  • All the JavaScript code you copy in the /home/data/rep1/media/js/myproject/ directory will be executed by Lizmap for this specific project only.

  • All the JavaScript code in default will be executed for all projects.

  • To allow the execution of JavaScript code, in the Lizmap admin interface, you must add the privilege Allow themes for this repository.

Video tutorial

This video is an quick start how to add a JavaScript to change the default panel in Lizmap.

Library of scripts

You can find some examples in the repository

Also, in the directory lizmap-web-client/lizmap/install/qgis/media/js/ (or in GitHub, you can find examples of suitable JavaScript code.

Remove the extension .example and copy them to your media/js/default/ folder to activate them.

Available Javascript events

The Javascript code can use many events fired by Lizmap Web Client. Here is a list of all the events available, with the returned properties.

Lizmap Web Client available events
Event name Description Returned properties
treecreated Fired when layer tree has been created in legend panel  
mapcreated Fired when OpenLayers map has been created  
layersadded Fired when Openlayers layers have been added  
uicreated Fired when interface has been created  
dockopened Fired when a dock is opened (left panel) id
dockclosed Fired when a dock is closed (left panel) id
minidockopened Fired when a mini-dock ( right container for tools) is opened id
minidockclosed Fired when a mini-dock is closed id
bottomdockopened Fired when the bottom dock is opened id
bottomdockclosed Fired when the bottom dock is closed id
lizmapbaselayerchanged Fired when the baselayer has been changed layer
lizmapswitcheritemselected Fired when a layer has been highlighted in the layer legend panel name | type | selected
layerstylechanged Fired when a layer style has been changed featureType
lizmaplocatefeaturecanceled Fired when the user has canceled the locate by layer tool featureType
lizmaplocatefeaturechanged Fired when the user has selected an item in the locate by layer tool featureType | featureId
lizmappopupdisplayed Fired when the popup content is displayed  
lizmappopupallchildrendisplayed Fired when the all children popups are displayed parentPopupElement | childPopupElements
lizmappopupdisplayed_inattributetable Fired when the popup content is displayed in attribute table (right sub-panel)  
lizmapeditionformdisplayed Fired when a edition form is displayed layerId | featureId | editionConfig
lizmapeditionfeaturecreated Fired when a layer feature has been created with the edition tool layerId
lizmapeditionfeaturemodified Fired when a layer feature has been modified with the edition tool layerId
lizmapeditionfeaturedeleted Fired when a layer feature has been deleted with the edition tool layerId | featureId
attributeLayersReady Fired when all layers to be displayed in the attribute layers tool have been set layers
attributeLayerContentReady Fired when a table for a layer has been displayed in the bottom dock featureType
layerfeaturehighlighted Fired when a feature has been highlighted in the attribute table ( grey rectangle ). Firing this event manually forces a refresh of child tables if any exist for the layer sourceTable | featureType | fid
layerfeatureselected Fire this event to trigger the selection of a feature for a layer, by passing feature id. Once the selection is done, the event layerSelectionChanged is fired in return. featureType | fid | updateDrawing
layerfeaturefilterselected Fire this event to trigger the filtering of a layer for the selected features. You must select some features before firing this event. Once the filter is applied, Lizmap fires the event layerFilteredFeaturesChanged in return. featureType
layerFilteredFeaturesChanged Fired when a filter has been applied to the map for a layer. This event also trigger the redrawing of the map and the attribute tables content. featureType | featureIds | updateDrawing
layerFilterParamChanged Fired when the WMS requests parameters have changed for a layer. For example when a STYLE or a FILTER has been modified for the layer. featureType | filter | updateDrawing
layerfeatureremovefilter Fire this event to remove any filter applied to the map. Once done, the event layerFilteredFeaturesChanged is fired back, and the map content and attribute tables content are refreshed. featureType
layerSelectionChanged Fired when the selection have been changed for a layer. This also trigger the redrawing of attribute table content and map content featureType | featureIds | updateDrawing
layerfeatureselectsearched Fire this event to select all the features corresponding to the displayed lines of the attribute table, which can be visually filterd by the user by entering some characters in the search text input. featureType | updateDrawing
layerfeatureunselectall Fire this event to remove all features from selection for a layer. Once done, Lizmap responds with the event layerSelectionChanged featureType | updateDrawing
lizmapexternalsearchitemselected Fired when the user has selected an item listed in the results of the header search input feature
actionResultReceived Fired when a Lizmap popup action has been performed and the result has been received layerId | featureId | action | features

There are also some variables which are available.

Lizmap Web Client available variables
Variable name Description URL to get a media
lizUrls.params.repository Name of the current repository
lizUrls.params.project Name of the current project


Collapse a group in the legend{
    uicreated: function(e) {
        $('#group-groupname td a.expander').click();

Disable right click

Add a file named e.g. disableRightClick.js with the following code:{
   uicreated: function(e) {
      $('body').attr('oncontextmenu', 'return false;');
  • If you want this code to be executed for all projects of your repository, you have to copy the file in the directory /home/data/rep1/media/js/default/ rather than in /home/data/rep1/media/js/myproject/.

Send current login user-ID

An example allowing you to send current login User-ID (and/or other user data) to PostgreSQL table column, using edition tool:

var formPrefix = 'jforms_view_edition';

// Name of the QGIS vector layer fields which must contain the user info
// In the list below, replace the right side by your own fields in Lizmap
var userFields = {
   login: 'your_lizmap_user_login_field',
   firstname: 'your_lizmap_user_firstname_field',
   lastname: 'your_lizmap_user_lastname_field',
   organization: 'your_lizmap_user_organization_field'

   'lizmapeditionformdisplayed': function(e){

      // If user is logged in
      if( $('#info-user-login').length ){
            // Loop through the needed fields
            for( var f in userFields ){
               // If the user has some data for this property
               if( $('#info-user-' + f).text() ){
                  // If the field exists in the form
                  var fi = $('#' + formPrefix + '_' + userFields[f]);
                  if( fi.length ){
                        // Set val from lizmap user data
                        fi.val( $('#info-user-' + f).text() )
                        // Set disabled



URL of a static file

If you want to get the URL of a static file, located in the Media folder:

var mediaUrl = OpenLayers.Util.urlAppend(,
         "repository": lizUrls.params.repository,
         "project": lizUrls.params.project,
         "path": "picture.png"


var domain = 'https://' + document.domain + lizUrls.basepath;
var image  = '<img src="' + domain + 'index.php/view/media/getMedia?repository=REPOSITORY&project=PROJECT&path=/media/logo.png" title="Logo" />';