Manage groups and users in Lizmap Web Client


As an administrator, you can:

  • create, rename or delete user groups

  • create, update or delete users

  • link a user to one or more groups


We highly recommend managing rights at the group level, not at the user level.

You may need to create groups to allow specific Lizmap rights :


More info about repositories rights : see Define the rights for each group

Groups created by default

Existing groups are visible on Lizmap ‣ Administration ‣ Rights.

  • admins : to manage all settings on the Lizmap instance

  • publishers : designed for GIS technicians, to allow accessing server information needed from the QGIS plugin. The right lizmap.admin.server.information.view must be enabled.

  • users : to recognise a connected user, to allow some basic rights like changing his own password

  • __anonymous : a “special” group for a non connected user, which allows to set rights for non connected users

Default group are the groups in which any new user is automatically added.

Manage users

On Lizmap ‣ Administration ‣ Users, you can:

  • create a new user

  • edit a user

  • add a user to an existing group

  • remove a user from a group

  • remove a user from the instance


Once users have been created, you must add them into groups to grant associated rights.


According to the server configuration, the user receives a link to set his own password. If you want to change this behavior, read Setting password for users, if you are the system administrator.



On Lizmap ‣ Administration ‣ Rights, you land by default on User groups.

You can:

  • create a new group

  • edit the group name

  • set the rights for a group

  • remove a group


On Lizmap ‣ Administration ‣ Rights, you have a another tab called Users.

You can:

  • see the list of users and its groups

  • for a given user:

    • see the list of groups

    • see the resulting rights

Assigning groups automatically for each new user created

On Lizmap ‣ Administration ‣ Rights, in the Default group column, click the pencil ✏️ button to allow or deny the group as default.

The default is set to the users group.

Lizmap plugin

The list of settings in the plugin where a list of users or groups can be set: