Manage groups and users in Lizmap Web Client

The groups and users: principles

As an administrator, you can:

  • create, rename, delete user groups

  • create, modify, delete users

  • linking a user to one or more groups


Rights on Lizmap Web Client repositories are managed at group level, not at the user level.

Manage Groups: create, rename, delete

  • Create a group: In the left menu click on Groups of users for rights and scroll down to Create a group.

  • Define the label: it is possible to use spaces and accents

  • Define the ident: one word without special characters

In the page Groups of users for rights, it is also possible to Change the name and Delete a group.



The users group is a group system to give the rights to authenticated users to edit their own user information including passwords. We excluded this group of Lizmap Web Client configuration because all identified users must be part of this group.

Manage Users

  • Create a user : In the left menu click on Users and click on the button Create a new user:

    • give a Nickname which will be used for the login

    • give an email

    • set name and firstname

  • The user will have an email for setting up his password. If you want to set the password yourself, read the section below.

  • It is also possible to view and edit informations about users.


Once users created, you must put them into groups to assign the associated rights.


Setting password for users

By default, in Lizmap, when a new user is created, the user will get an email for setting up his own password. If for some reasons, the administrator needs to setup the password, the localconfig.ini.php needs to be edited:

resetAdminPasswordEnabled = off

Putting users in groups

  • In the left menu click on Rights of users

  • it is possible to filter the visible users with the dropdown menu

  • to put a user in groups, click on the its button rights

    • The page displays a table with rights online and groups on column

    • The last column shows the resulting rights

    • In the head row, the + and - buttons allow to set / remove the user from a group


Do not use the Personal rights column.

Assigning groups for each user created

../_images/administration-users-rights-list.jpg ../_images/administration-users-groups.jpg