Log management in Lizmap

Principle and description

Since version 2.8, you can configure Lizmap Web Client so that certain user actions are stored in a SQLite database:

  • User Login

  • Displaying a Lizmap map

  • Printing a map

  • Displaying a popup

  • Using the editing tool

For each of these actions can be chosen:

  • to record a new line in the logs containing various information: user, date and time, action, Lizmap repository, QGIS project, IP address

  • to increment the counter for this action, the Lizmap repository and QGIS project.

Configure logs

For now, it is not possible to change the configuration of logs in the administration interface. It is necessary to manually edit the configuration file lizmap/var/config/lizmapLogConfig.ini.php. This file is in ini format and contains many sections as action to save. For each action, you can choose to activate with on or off with off the recording of the log.

For example, the following section shows that the administrator has chosen to record a count in the logs every time a user connects. But he does not want to save the details for each connection.

label="User logs in"

View logs

To view logs, simply connect to the Lizmap administration interface as an administrator. Then the logs can be accessed through the menu Lizmap Logs. This page shows the general statistics on the 2 log tables: Log count and Log detail. For each, it is possible to:

  • View Tables containing the raw data

  • Completely empty logs: completly reset!

Log storage file

The log database is located here in relation to the installation directory: lizmap/var/logs.db. For example:

# ifLizmap  Web Client is installed here : /var/www/lizmap-web-client-2.8.1/, the file is:

This database can be accessed with a Sqlite database reading tool, like SQLite Browser or the Firefox add-on SQlite Manager. If you know SQL, so you can make queries to extract information from the detailed logs.