Configurazione del Web Client di Lizmap


Il menu configurazione di Lizmap è diviso in 2 parti:

  • Servizi: configurazione generale del client Web Lizmap -server, cache, ecc.
  • Repository: crea e configura repository Lizmap


Per configurare Servizi, fai clic sul pulsante Modifica sotto il riepilogo.


QGIS Server deve essere installato nello stesso computer di Lizmap Web Client

  • WMS subdomain URLs list (optional): The use of multiple domain names is one of the classic optimizations when a web application uses OpenLayers (as Lizmap Web Client). You can enter a list of subdomains separated by comma.

    • You must use a list of subdomains relative to the domain with which is used Lizmap Web Client. For example, if your main domain name is, then you can use,,,

    • Ovviamente si deve configurare il server Apache «virtual host» per tener conto di questo sottodomini, per esempio con la variabile:

      ServerAlias \*
  • Server cache storage type

    • file: Tiles cached are stored in a server directory by layer
    • sqlite: The tiles are stored in a sqlite database by layer
    • redis: the tiles are stored into a Redis database
  • Cache root directory: the folder where the cache is stored. It must be writable by the Apache server.

  • Server cache expiration time (s): the time in seconds during which each tile is retained. This is a default value for layers whose time has not been configured with the plugin.

    • Le tiles memorizzate nella cache precedenti a quella data vengono automaticamente aggiornate.
    • un valore di 0 significa che le tiles non scadono
    • Il tempo di scaddenza deve essere adattato cambiando la data.
  • Send request to QGIS Server or external service with: 2 methods php or curl. Use first if curl is not installed on the server.

  • Debug mode: saves some queries to a log file: lizmap/var/log/messages.log

  • Allow visitors to request an account: If this option is enabled, a new link “Registration” will be added in the public menu. By clicking on this link, the visitor displays a form that allows it to request an account to administrator. He must complete some fields (name, email, due to demand) then validates the form to send the request.

  • Administrator e-mail: If a valid e-mail address is given, then the Lizmap Web Client notifications will be sent. For example, each account creation request via the registration form generates an email sent to this address.

  • sender e-mail and sender name: when Lizmap sends an e-mail like notifications or for password reset, if needs the email address and the name of a sender.


proxy for External requests

Lizmap may need to access to some internet services. So, if it is installed behind a web proxy (typically in an intranet), you need to indicate what is the proxy.

You should check the checkbox «Use a proxy server» and fill these fields:

  • Host of the proxy server: the address of the proxy
  • Port of the proxy server: the tcp port of the proxy
  • Type of the proxy: the protocol used to access to the proxy: http or socks5. It is only supported when curl is used.
  • Login and password: sometimes an authentication is needed to access to the proxy
  • Domains for which the proxy will not be used: there are some requests that should not go to the proxy, typically requests to your QGIS server, or requests to a local server that serves map backgrounds etc… You have at least to set it with «localhost,».


Per ogni repository Lizmap, sono elencati:

  • The main informations: label and path
  • The list of rights with the groups concerned
  • Action buttons:
    • Visualizza: mostra una pagina che elenca le mappe presenti in questo repository
    • Modifica: mostra il modulo di modifica del repository
    • Remove: cancella il repositori dalla configurazione del Lizmap Web Client
    • Svuota cache: elimina l’intera cache di tutti i livelli dei progetti del repository

You can create a new repository using the button Create a repository located at the top and bottom of the section Repositories.

Aggiungi un repositori

Per creare un repository, devi fornire:

  • ** un id **: una parola senza spazi, accenti o caratteri speciali
  • ** un’etichetta **: il nome che verrà visualizzato per questo repository, gli accenti e gli spazi consentiti
  • a local folder path: the full path on the server to the folder that contains the QGIS projects and data
  • Allow repository themes: This option enables the possibility for the publisher to set a theme for the repository and themes for each map. See Creare temi semplici.

Definire i diritti per ogni gruppo

After creating the directory, the repository modification form is displayed automatically and defines the following rights for each group:

  • Visualizza repository :

    • all users of checked groups can access maps of this repository
    • the group anonymous is unregistered users and allows to make public maps
  • Use the Edition tool

    When this option is checked, the group users have access to the editing tool for all of Lizmap repository maps for which the edition was configured.

  • Always see complete layers data, even if filtered by login

    This option is in connection with the filtering feature data layers per group. See Filtered layers - Filtering data in function of users. Check the box for deciding which groups can see all the time all the data, even when a filter is active on some layers.