Upgrade Lizmap Web Client

Upgrading from Lizmap 2.x

See documentation of Lizmap 3.1.

Upgrading from Lizmap 3.x versions

From 3.0 versions to upper, here is how to upgrade.

Data backup

Backup your data into a directory (ex: /tmp) with the lizmap/install/backup.sh script, so you could reinstall them if the installation failed.

lizmap/install/backup.sh /tmp

If you want to backup by hand, you should backup at least these files:

  • var/jauth.db

  • var/logs.db

  • var/config/installer.ini.php

  • var/config/liveConfig.ini.php (if it exists)

  • var/config/lizmapConfig.ini.php

  • var/config/localconfig.ini.php

  • var/config/profiles.ini.php

Replace lizmap files

Get the lizmap archive (by downloading an archive or by doing a git clone/pull)

You should

  • replace the lib/ directory by the new lib/ directory

  • replace files into lizmap/ directory by the new lizmap/ files

  • If the replacement has erased some files that you’ve been backuped, restore them with lizmap/install/restore.sh /tmp

Launch the installer

You have to launch the installer, it will upgrade some stuff: database tables, configuration etc..

sudo lizmap/install/clean_vartmp.sh
php lizmap/install/installer.php
sudo lizmap/install/clean_vartmp.sh


if you upgrade from 3.0 or 3.1 to Lizmap 3.2/3.3, and if you are using the ldap authentication with the ldapdao module, you have to know that this module is included into Lizmap 3.2/3.3 and is pre-configured. So, before launching the installer, you have to remove the ldapdao module you’ve installed, and you have to configure the ldapdao module in a little different manner than when installing it by hand. See the ldap configuration section in this manual.

Delete Jelix temporary files

rm -rf temp/lizmap/*

Redefine the rights to the application files

sudo chown :www-data temp/ lizmap/var/ lizmap/www lizmap/install/qgis/edition/ -R
sudo chmod 775 temp/ lizmap/var/ lizmap/www lizmap/install/qgis/edition/ -R