Custom templates

In Lizmap each module (i.e., view, admin, action, etc.) defines some templates. Templates of each module are located in lizmap/modules folder. Each module has one or more templates (.tpl) in the templates folder lizmap/modules/moduleX/templates/. In order to customize the template of a module it is advisable to create a copy of the files without modify the original files. To do this, it is necessary to create a copy of the templates inside the default theme’s folder of Lizmap, which is in var/themes/default.


  • A folder with the same name of the module to which the template to redefine belongs, in the var/themes/default folder.

Configurer l’outil

Simply copy the template to redefine in the module folder and customize it with a text editor.


We want to change the default title in the header of the main page of lizmap. The « view » module and the main.tpl template are involved in this procedure. We can see the name of the module in the URL bar (myhost/lizmap/index.php/view/).

  • Create a directory named view in the theme’s default folder
nano mkdir lizmap/var/themes/default/view
  • Copy the main.tpl file from the default location in lizmap/modules/view/templates/ to the lizmap/var/themes/default/view folder
cp lizmap/var/themes/default/view/main.tpl lizmap/var/themes/default/view
  • Find the title div and replace the original code with your custom text
<div id="title">
<div id="title">
  <h1>Some Text</h1>