Set up your project for Lizmap

Install the Lizmap plugin

The Lizmap plugin is available through the official QGIS project repository:

To install it, just do it like any QGIS plugin:

  • Menu ‣ Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins

  • Search Lizmap

  • Install the plugin

  • It’s available in the menu and toolbar Web


Lizmap QGIS plugin is regularly updated. To enjoy new features or before reporting a bug, be sure to update your plugin. In Menu ‣ Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins ‣ Settings, check that QGIS will check for updates on a regular basis automatically.


The plugin is organized in 13 tabs:

  • Information: some information about the Lizmap project and your servers

  • Map options: the general options of the map

  • Layers: the options of each layer

  • Baselayers: the baselayers used on the Web

  • Locate by layer: the locating tool

  • Attribute table: configure the attribute table and the vector selection

  • Layer editing: which layer can be edited with Lizmap

  • Tooltip layers: configure the tooltip for some layers

  • Form filter: Make some filtering based on attributes

  • Filter layer by user: setup some filtering based on the current logged user

  • Dataviz: add some charts and dataviz

  • Time manager: play an animation based on date or datetime field

  • Atlas: setup an atlas for the project

  • Log: displays information of performed actions

And it has 5 action buttons:

  • Auto-save : When ever you click on Apply or Ok if Lizmap should save the QGIS project too at the same time

  • Help : open the help in the webbrowser

  • Apply : write the configuration in the Lizmap file and keep the dialog open

  • Ok : write the configuration in the Lizmap file and close the dialog

  • Close : close the dialog without writing the configuration