Configuration of Lizmap

In some server, additional settings should be done into Lizmap. Settings should be set into the lizmap/var/config/ directory.

Configuration files

There are several configuration files for Lizmap. There are into lizmap/var/config/.

Framework configuration files:

  • mainconfig.ini.php contains many configuration parameters, mainly for the framework used by Lizmap. You may want to modify some of them, like the available languages etc. DON’T MODIFY mainconfig.ini.php. Put parameters with their new values into localconfig.ini.php instead!

  • localconfig.ini.php contains configuration parameters that are specific to your installation. So you put into it any parameters you can find into mainconfig.ini.php and you want to change.

  • liveconfig.ini.php is containing parameters from mainconfig.ini.php that are changed by the application itself.

During the execution of Lizmap, mainconfig.ini.php, localconfig.ini.php, and liveconfig.ini.php are merged in this order. So parameters into liveconfig.ini.php have higher priority that those into localconfig.ini.php, which in turn, have parameters having higher priority over parameters of mainconfig.ini.php.


liveconfig.ini.php and localconfig.ini.php may not exists on old releases.

Other framework configuration files:

  • profiles.ini.php contains all credentials to access to databases, smtp servers, ldap etc. You should modify it to set these access parameters.

  • installer.ini.php contains informations about Lizmap modules and their state. Don’t touch it, and don’t erase it between upgrades. You can delete it only if you want to reinstall Lizmap.

Lizmap configuration files:

  • lizmapConfig.ini.php contains configuration parameters specific to Lizmap.

  • lizmapLogConfig.ini.php contains configuration for the Lizmap logger

For backups and upgrades, you should keep localconfig.ini.php, liveconfig.ini.php, lizmapConfig.ini.php, profiles.ini.php, lizmapLogConfig.ini.php and installer.ini.php. They are all modified during the life or the installation of the application.

Setting language

Lizmap detects automatically the language of the user (given by his browser), and it supports many languages.

Available languages into Lizmap are shown on the GitHub repository. Be careful to select the correct branch on GitHub according to the version of Lizmap Web Client you are installing. Some languages might not be available in older versions of Lizmap Web Client, for instance on the 3.6 branch.

If the browser of the user indicates an unsupported language code, the default language of Lizmap is used, and is en_US.

You can change the default language of Lizmap by setting the parameter locale Into localconfig.ini.php, with your preferred language code.

You can also limit available language by changing the availableLocales option.

In this example, only 3 languages are available and the default language is italian:

locale = it_IT
availableLocales = en_US,fr_FR,it_IT

There is also a fallbackLocale option but it is not recommended to change it.