Overview of the administration interface

Access the administration interface

For safety reasons, no link leads to the administration interface. The address is:


Temporary identifiers

  • login = admin

  • password = admin


Change password

Once connected, it is possible to change the password:

  • Click on your login at the top right menu and then Your account

  • Click on the button Change your password

  • Type the new password, confirme it and save


It is imperative to change your password. Use a complex password that mixes numbers, letters and punctuation.

Reminder on Lizmap Web Client repositories

Lizmap Web Client can use QGIS maps stored in different folders on the server.

  • A Lizmap Web CLient repository is a folder on the server that stores one or more QGIS projects and their related data.

  • Repositories can be used to group related projects by theme.

  • Repositories can be used to manage the access rights on maps.